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Continuing the Pokemon AU that stupidoomdoodles has expressed interest in, here are my picks for Vegeta’s team. 

First off, a lot of these were chosen more in thought with his character traits and flaws, and how each pokemon here can relate to Vegeta’s story and character arc. 

  1. Haxorus: Dragon Type
    A very strong, very gruesome looking dragon, I intend to give all the Saiayns some kind of dragon breed, considering their close relations with wish-granting dragons in the original series. Haxorus is probably one of those pokemon that Vegeta purposefully lets out outside of battle just to scare the poop outta people. I particularly like Haxorus for him because it is a dragon, but it cannot fly. So I think it kind of relates to how Vegeta is incredibly strong, but a lot of his own limitations hold him down.
  2. Primape: Fighting Type
    Okay this one is a little more gimmicky, but I saw someone comment on a stupidoomdoodles ask earlier saying that it would be a good choice considering they’re crazy angry monkeys. And this one so perfectly fits Vegeta’s characteristics: Explosive power and aggression compact into a much smaller than normal body.
  3. Houndoom: Dark/Fire Type
    One again going for the menacing factor with Houndoom for Vegeta. This pokemon has a beautifully scary design; those bones protruding from its head and back, the devilish tail, the remnants of shackles on its legs showing it cannot be contained. Plus I can totally see this thing laying at Vegeta’s feet in front of a fire. A loyal but terrifying companion.
  4. Cloyster: Water/Ice Type
    First off let me just say that how Shelder, with its tongue sticking out and being overall a huge prankster, turns into this spiky ass thing I will never know. BUT! I think this pokemon’s type and appearance fit Vegeta really well. Ice, cold, distant, coupled with the layers of incredibly strong bone and shell that protect it, and the fact that no one has ever seen anything besides its sneering face, fit how I think a lot of people view Vegeta as a person. He’s cold and withdrawn, and has lots of barriers up since being under Freiza’s rule that keep a lot of folks from seeing past his icy exterior. 
  5. Clefable: Fairy Type (though it used to be Normal Type)
    Taken right from my earlier post, the only obviously cute thing that Vegeta has. He probably picked it up on his travels through space, and I have a feeling this pokemon has been with him the longest. But he’ll never admit it. Fun Fact! Clefable is really the only pokemon in Vegeta’s roster that has the potential for flight. Its description usually says they can float for short periods of time. This really plays well into Vegeta’s struggle to be the best, but in the end its when he stops caring that he is able to reach Super Saiyan levels. So he kind of has to be like Clefable, and not mind that he’s pink and cutesy and just fly and accept that maybe he won’t always be better than Goku, but he’s still pretty awesome.
  6. Gengar: Ghost/Poison Type
    Okay so, for those of you who DON’t know, there’s a theory that I love where Gengar is Clefable’s shadow/opposite. So within every adorable Clefable’s shadow lies this really creepy creature. I like to think that Gengar technically always existed within Vegeta’s Clefable, but it didn’t show its face until a little later. And really freaked Vegeta out, because all this time he thought his Clefable was the tamest out of all his pokemon, and then out of its shadow springs this…This grotesque character. Also could really well represent the doubt that always trails along Vegeta’s hope. He always hopes and strives to become the strongest, but I’m sure there were times, especially during the Freiza saga, where he felt helpless and full of despair. And I think Gengar represents that perfectly.

So there you have it, Vegeta’ pokemon roster! I’ll be doing Goku’s soon and maybe a few others if people want. Please feel free to send me asks if you have any ideas or add ons to his team, it doesn’t HAVE to be just 6, I was just trying to keep it close to how the video game works. 



Here they are!! Straight from our DBZ Pokemon Au, It’s Goku’s team everyone! I’m excited to see what pokemon stupidoomdoodles uses for Bulma when she has the time to draw it all out heh.

  1. Dragonite: Dragon/Flying Type
    I mean the thing’s orange, it’s cute, it flies, and it knows hyper beam. So heck yeah this is one of Goku’s adorable pokemon. I think this perfectly counters Vegeta’s Haxorus. This pokemon is a dragon type, yeah, but it has a very visually pleasing look, while also having the potential to be incredibly powerful. Plus I bet it gives really good hugs. Also Goku would probably name this one either Icarus or Shenron, and I can picture them taking flying trips together in search of adventure!
  2. Pangoro: Fighting/Dark Type
    These rough and tough pokemon are known for taking on bullies (thank you follower for giving me the suggestion!) so they have a rough exterior but a soft heart. A perfect match for Goku, who also fights for those who can’t, and is a big defender of justice. Plus it would make a great sparring partner for him, being so sturdy.
  3. Altaria: Dragon/Flying Type
    So the first reason I chose this cloud puff was because it looks like Nimbus. But the more I thought about it, I was like.. Yeah! This thing is lovable and sweet and kind of even dopey looking with all that cloudy wing surrounding it, but if you’ve ever been up against an Altaria in the video games, they are a BITCH to knock out. They’re very sturdy, and what’s more, their dragon type nature gives them a more menacing move set. Don’t always judge a book by its cover folks!
  4. Aipom: Normal Type
    This pokemon gives me a feeling of nostalgia, and I think speaks really well to how Goku was in his younger years. Everything then was a lot more about having fun and exploring, less so about saving the world and protecting the weak. I can picture Goku playing pranks or taking naps in the trees with this little guy, although I think he’d also be hesitant to take him into big battles.
  5. Monferno: Fire/Fighting Type
    Another great sparring partner for Goku, and fits in well with the monkey theme! I imagine that Goku found this pokemon when it was a Chimchar, and he took it in to train it, kind of like how he did with Uub. This pokemon hasn’t reached its full potential just yet, but when it evolves into an Infernape, it will make a formidable enemy. An excellent representation of the shift from Teen Goku to Goku the Dad,  and the new responsibilities that came with it.
  6. Munchlax: Normal Type
    Not yet the sleepy unmovable Snorlax, this little dude is known for its energy, and its appetite. I think that once Munchlax evolves, Goku would probably leave it with Chichi, and take it along on longer trips for the nice sleepy pillow company. But until then, this pokemon is a perfect cheerleader during training, and a great gauge of appetite, so they can take food breaks together.


Lucario isn’t in Goku’s main team due to a little backstory idea I had: Lucario, currently a riolu, resides inside the dragon ball poke ball that Goku gave to Gohan, passed down from his grandfather. After a little time, the poke ball will open, and Riolu will become part of little Gohan’s team! After Riolu evolves into a Lucario, and Munchlax has evolved into Snorlax, Lucario will be an occasional but much welcome member to Goku’s team.

Thank you all so much for your likes and reblogs! Let me know what you think.

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